how to install overlay cabinet hinges
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Are Soft Close Hinges Worth It?

Are Soft Close Hinges Worth It?

how to install overlay cabinet hinges

If you are thinking about renovating your cabinets or doors, ensure you consider soft close hinges. But are soft close hinges worth it? The primary reason you should invest in these modern and up to date hinges is that they allow smooth and silent shutting of doors.

The soft close hinges implement a modern technology that helps your doors close without being slammed into the door’s frame. Typically, the door closes gradually and silently. These hinges are the best for small children; you don’t have to worry about them slamming the doors.

Are soft close hinges worth it?


The new types of hinges are relatively safe to implement in your doors. They apply a technology that allows for gradual and silent closing of the door. You will never have to hear doors being slammed with these types of hinges. As the doors close silently and smoothly, it prevents your fingers from being slammed as the door does not close quickly.

These hinges are pretty beneficial if you have children, as the door will take time to close, it will minimize chances of children hurting their fingers. Also, the banging of doors disorganizes contents in cabinets and can damage any fragile items in the cabinet. Thus if you invest in these modern hinges, you prevent injuries and damages to things.

Extend the Life of your Cabinet and Doors

Another advantage of these modern hinges is that they prolong the life of your doors or cabinets. The hinges allow the doors’ smooth closing, thus putting minimal stress on the hinges and the hinge plates, protecting their structural integrity for many years.

Ideally, the soft-close hinges minimize wear and tear on the cabinets and hinges. They also prevent cracks or dents from forming on the frames of the cabinet or door. Since there is minimal friction on the hinges, it will prolong the lifespan of your cabinets and doors. Thus in the future, you will incur minimal costs of maintaining or replacing your cabinets.

Add Value to your Home

The modern hinges are quite a great addition to your doors and cabinets. These hinges add sophistication and aesthetic appeal to your home. When you add the hinges to your doors, they will offer safety and allow your doors to close automatically without slamming. Savvy homeowners will be interested in investing in such a home with modern appliances.

Investing in these hinges will skyrocket the value of your home, and your home will fetch a higher price in the market. Thus, for homeowners looking to resale, renovating your doors and cabinets with these modern and high-end hinges is quite beneficial.

Ensures your Doors Closes Quietly

Installing the soft close hinges ensures that you can enjoy peace of mind. When you or your children close the doors, they will close silently without producing any annoying sounds. These are pretty beneficial if you have children who are constantly playing with the doors. The soft close door hinges also ensure the safety of your children, and they will not be hurt by being slammed by the doors when playing with the doors.

Add a Luxurious Upgrade to your Home

The soft close door hinges prolong the lifespan of your doors, and they also offer smooth and quiet closing of the doors. When you invest in these hinges, you add a luxurious upgrade to your doors. They also add aesthetic appeal and elegance to your doors and mitigate the problem of loud bangs and slamming of doors. These hinges are attractive, especially when added to your cabinets and give out a contemporary look on your doors.

It is important to note that manufacturers create various designs. Thus you can select a design that is customized according to your specific needs.

They are Straightforward to Use

The soft close hinges will automatically shut themselves, thus making them relatively straightforward to use. If you have children or teenagers who tend to leave the doors open, these hinges are an excellent addition to your home as the dose will shut automatically. When you incorporate the hinges in your kitchen cabinets, you don’t have to worry about manually closing the doors when you are busy cooking.

Where do you Incorporate Soft Close Hinges?

Are soft close hinges worth it? Most homeowners incorporate these modern hinges in the kitchen to allow the doors to shut smoothly and silently. You can incorporate the hinges for top and base cabinets in your kitchen as they experience heavy use and are prone to get slammed.

You can also incorporate in corner cabinets that have hidden storage. These hinges will protect the structural integrity of your cabinets and ensure that they close automatically without slamming and being banged.

The drawers of your home also offer storage for sensitive items, and the soft close hinges ensure that there is minimal damage to the contents of the drawers. Another place where installing these modern hinges is quite beneficial is the doors of the integrated appliances. These hinges offer protection to the devices as they avoid slamming the doors.

How to Install the Soft Close Door Hinges

If you are building your home, ensure you talk with an expert who will professionally install the hinges. Also, your current kitchen cupboards can be upgraded from the traditional hinges and replaced with these modern hinges.

Installing these hinges is a simple project; you can either opt to do it yourself or hire a professional. But you will require some installation tools such as the power drill, Blum hinges, and drill bit.

Key Takeaway

Are soft close hinges worth it? The soft-close door hinges are worth the investment as they offer many multiple benefits for your cabinet doors. However, when selecting the right hinge for your door, it is essential to choose a hinge style that is entirely compatible with your cabinets. Ensure you correctly identify your cabinet type; it can either be frameless cabinets or face frame cabinets. The face frame has a wooden frame on the front of the cabinet, and the hinges will be fastened on the frame. While the frameless cabinets, the hinges will be fastened on the walls of the cabinet box.