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Application of Slide Rail

Application of Slide Rail

size of drawer slides

Our home kitchen is very close to our hearts. This is because we all tend to set up our home kitchens exactly the way we want them to be. From every corner to every inch, we make sure that all the equipment and ingredients are kept in the place where we want them to be. However, when we set up your kitchen you also think of the storage. A kitchen is a place where you need to keep a lot of things like your spatulas, whisk, ladles, spoons, chopsticks, and so on.

You also need to store your kitchen cloth, dusters, and a lot more equipment like the wok, dishes, pans, and saucepans. In this case, if you have slide rail drawers in your kitchen it will be very convenient for you as they are extremely easy to open and you do not have to keep pulling them. So here is an article that will help you know more about slide rail drawers.

What Are Slide Rails?

Slide rails are a very commonly used hardware product that we use in our daily life. It is the hardware connecting parts that are generally fixed to the kitchen cabinets drawer’s body and the furniture so that they can be pulled very easily. These slide rails make it very easy for the cabinet to come out and you do not need to pull the drawer with all your energy. These rails can be attached to any kind of cabinet not only your kitchen cabinet but for your dressing table as well. These are good for cabinets that store items that are heavy as well.

Different Types Of Slide Rails

There are numerous types of slide rail that are available in the market. Here are the three most common slide rail types.

  • Light Load Models: The light load models are made up of aluminum and are very compact. These can work near magnetic fields as well and are suitable for lightweight cabinets.
  • Heavy Load Models: These are best to store heavy objects and can work in any condition. These are heavy and very low on fiction and are made up of aluminum.
  • Medium Load Models: Best for medium-weight storage like cutlery and crockery. The best option for any limited straight motions and are made up of aluminum.

Slide Rails – Few Points To Consider

The working and performing capacity of the slide rail mainly depends on the various conditions under which it is being used. For example the frequency of use, installation method, and the center of the drawer’s gravity. Here are a few such points that you need to consider when you buy the slide rails.

  • Acceptable Load: One of the most important factors is the acceptable Load. This means it is the maximum load that can be permissible when in actual use after considering all the other factors like safety, length of the drawer, and so on. If the load is too much then the rails may break. So make sure you know how much the acceptable Load of the slide rail is.
  • Installation Method: The installation method is very important and the installation of the slide rails should be done very carefully. If the installation is not done carefully then the drawer may fall off if pulled with a lot of force and can be dangerous as well. When installing the rails you need to make sure that the slide rails are perpendicular to the floor and the right and left hands should be fixed horizontally parallel and even to each other.
  • Frequency Of Usage and Acceptable Load: The frequency of usage of the slide rails is connected to the maximum load. This means there is a connection between these two and it differs based on the rails setup and installation. So the acceptable Load decreases when the frequency of usage increases.
  • Operations: You need to know how these rails work and what you need to do or not do to keep them going for a long time. For example, it is best not to close the drawer with a lot of pressure or not pull it with a lot of pressure. We also sometimes hit the drawers without hips when we have a lot of things in our hands. So doing these may not be very good and can impact the rails. So to keep it working for a long time it is important that we be careful while using the rails. You can consider fitting a stopper or a shock absorber to keep it safe and working for a long time.
  • Lubricants: Lubrication is a very important factor when you are buying these sliding rails. If you want to make sure that these rails keep working for a longer period then you need to use a lubricant on them. Using any lubricant like lithium soap or grease will make the rails smoother and will make sure they keep working for a longer period of time.
  • Working Temperature: All types of sliding rail can be used in normal temperature or room temperature. However, if you are using it under the stove or an oven then you need to consult the seller about its working Temperature and whether it can work in these hot temperatures or not.

Final Words

These slide rails make our daily lives so easy. With these slide rails, it becomes so easy to pull the drawers and cabinets and just give them a slight push to close them again. It saves a lot of time and there is no tension of the drawers jamming or getting stuck. However, it is very important to look before you buy a pair of the slide rail.

You need to keep in mind that these depend on a few factors like the amount of load they can take, their working Temperature, and their lubricant. Lubricants are an important factor as if it is not lubricated well, it might jam like the old draws. So before you buy a new pair of slide rails make sure to consider these points for a better product.