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10 Easy Steps to Getting Your Laundry Pile Under Control

10 Easy Steps to Getting Your Laundry Pile Under Control

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If you are one busy mother, you desire to maintain your house squeaky clean, tidy, and free from unnecessary clutter. The thing is, every week, your laundry piles up and gives you unnecessary stress too! Yes, we know that your family needs to be clean too, but what are better ways to keep the laundry in control by the whole family?

Be not overwhelmed anymore, for here are ten easy steps to keep your laundry fresh and your house clean.

Be thankful for the piles of laundry

Have you ever thought of this? Most of the time, this is one of the things we are always forgettable about. We often overlook the rest in knowing that the laundry bags are packed, filled with dirty clothes our family used for the day. Maybe because we consider doing the laundry an empty, unimportant chore, but this is a duty meant for loving your family and housemates. We must condition our hearts and minds that having full laundry bags filled with piles of dirty clothes is a joyful thing to do because everyone’s at home, everyone was active in their tasks and hobbies for the week, and as a mother, this is now your turn to love and care for them. Be thankful that God has kept your family safe and at home throughout the week. That, my friend, is an excellent thought to live by. Having that thought makes your heart leave off the self-defeating thinking that laundry is a mess.

Plan out how you want to do the laundry for the week

Here is a trick you can familiarize yourself with: having a laundry routine is excellent and beneficial. Some people do laundry every day, while some people do the laundry during the weekend. It is up to you to schedule the laundry every other day and what methods you should do during those days. If you want to wash three days a week but have unique ways dedicated for each day, that is fine. Remember that there is no specific rule for laundry schedule, but it is essential to do what fits you. Consider your budget, too, for the soaps, water, and electric bill you will spend for your laundry.

Teach your family members to help you out

This is a lovely culture a family should practice. Aside from getting your children trained early on, you can also be the means to hone their sense of responsibility. From starting to distinguish white from colored clothes, and knowing how to handwash and run the machine, this rewarding work is a nice piece of memory to keep. You can also wash clothes with your partner! Take this as a time to have a coffee or chitchat, even during the weekend. Encourage your partner to help you out, and take this time for both to breathe and live in the moment.

Schedule for the wash

This specific schedule means you should specify what to wash for that particular day. Do you want to wash white-colored clothes today? How about the bedsheets and curtains? Scheduling this is a great way to make your laundry time an enjoyable and efficient time.

Prepare for the rainy days.

How do you plan out doing the laundry when it rains? Have you got yourself some dryers at home? Do you have a particular place you can leave your clothes hanging? Would it be efficient to continue the laundry? These are some questions you need to consider in doing the laundry in the rainy season. If you have modern gadgets to keep your clothes fresh and dry, that would even be better.

Fold as soon as they are clean and dry.

Do not leave those clothes to pile. Finish the routine then and there. Believe it or not, you will keep on worrying about those clothes if you let them be without folding. Leaving clean clothes to pile will also cause unnecessary laundry accidents. People often mistake a pile of clothes for dirty laundry. Avoid it then, and have a chunk of your to-do list finished in one go.

Make laundry a part of your morning routine.

On schedule, it is a highly recommended tip to keep your laundry time during the morning. After you meditate, grab your coffee and breakfast, continue your morning routine by adding your laundry task. Not only will you hit your goals early on during the day, but you will also get yourself acquainted with finishing the demanding tasks first before the easier ones.

Choose simple fabrics (not expensive and sensitive, high maintenance ones.

This is yet another helpful tip to keep your laundry easier to finish and maintain. There is less time to separate clothes and lesser considerations for clothes of a different fabric, which releases the anxiety you might damage a cloth if it mixes with other garments. If you have high-maintenance garments, I suggest you make a separate schedule for these to keep yourself organized.

Get to the “Hang” of it.

Most clothes dry well if they are hanged. Let the fresh air breeze help you out in keeping your clothes dry. You will thank yourself later if you own a particular place or space in your home with just these in the room.

Choose the best laundry basket.

To improve your laundry tasks, you should invest in a sturdy and practical laundry basket. A practical laundry basket does the arduous task of keeping our piles of clothes held together. But what if our laundry baskets have wheels on them? Even better! Every household with a loving family needs a good laundry basket with wheels to transfer their laundry from a room to another. Venace Intelligent Technology Inc. holds the throne to the best laundry basket! With a minimalist and innovative design, this laundry basket is detachable from its wheels. If you are not swooning over that, then I don’t know what you should be waiting for! Grab yourself a handy laundry basket with wheels, for it can also be transformed into a simple trolley to use around the house, a toy box, or whatever you name it; it does its job well.

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