Innovative Ironing Boards for Every Need

Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards are the go-to ironing solutions for tight spaces.

These wall-mounted ironing boards seamlessly integrate into your home. They’re super convenient and easy to use, making them perfect for smaller spaces. Crafted with top-notch materials, you can mount them securely on the wall or in the cabinet and wardrobe without worrying about eating up your precious space.


Meeting ISO 9001 Standards

At Venace, the materials we use for our ironing boards, including the covers and the boards, go through strict controls and testing.



Foldable, Rotatable, Slideable

We’ve got different types of ironing boards. Picture wall-mounted ones that can rotate 180 degrees or built-in ones that you can fold away. Every one of them helps you save space.

Enjoy Ironing

Easy to use, Unfold, and Close

Unfolding the ironing boards and getting your ironing done is a breeze. Just three steps, and when you’re done, close them up directly.

Customer Reviews


Venace stands out for its cutting-edge ironing board designs. As a B2B buyer, this gives us a competitive edge. Their commitment to staying ahead in the market aligns with our business goals, making them our preferred supplier for ironing boards.

Emily Green



Our wholesale business relies on durable and high-quality ironing boards, and Venace consistently delivers on both fronts. The durability of their products has translated to customer satisfaction, making them a trusted supplier in our B2B network.

Jessica Turner

Supply Chain Specialist


Venace has been our go-to supplier for ironing boards in our wholesale business. The variety of space-saving ironing boards and their innovative designs have been a hit with our customers. Their commitment to quality makes them a reliable partner in our B2B operations.

Sarah Thompson


About Venace

A professional ironing board manufacturer from China. Venace has worked with more than 5,000 clients worldwide. Venace guarantees product quality and offers excellent after-sales service.


Strict quality control adhering to ISO 9001 certification.

We offer our customers more competitive prices.

Better Price,Better Life, Professional Service

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