• market research
  • raw material information collection
  • product R&D
  • website design
  • total solution for medium enterprises
  • suppliers matching
  • production supervision
  • quality inspection
  • keep&manage stock
  • declaration, delivery &clearance


As a leading company in the household goods industry, Guangzhou Venace Household Inc. provides a complete set of household solutions from supply chain to service, so as to meet every single requirement of our customers, no matter it is about demand investigation or products delivery. In addition to that, Venace is able to offer solutions to small and medium manufacturing enterprises in terms of talents, management, capital and internet marketing.

Our services are as follows:

01 Acquire customers’ demands by doing Internet marketing and face-to-face visiting.

02 Refine market data and apply to trend-leading products R& D.

03 Apply SCOR 11 to suppliers development and maintenance.

04 Choose the most suitable suppliers to match clients’ demand and offer considerate service to promote customers’ satisfaction.

05 Conduct TQM system to ensure all products will meet clients’ expectation.(TQM: total quality management.

06 Supervise and participate in the whole process of production, covering raw material procurement, manufacture and assembly.

07 Keep safe inventory to avoid shortage cost and guarantee punctual delivery.

08 Turnkey shipping service is available, including shipping order, loading, transportation, documents, customs declaration and clearance.

09 Diagnose and provide suitable solutions for small and medium business in sales,online marketing,capital,management and talents.