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Aluminium Pull Down Wardrobe Lift

Three sizes and two finishes Available. Venace guarantees the best price, quality and satisfaction to clients.

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Product Description

Aluminium Pull Down Wardrobe Lift

This Aluminium Pull Down Wardrobe Lift features a quite innovative and handy design. With the lift people’s clothes can be hung higher up to make full use of the higher available space in the wardrobe. The lift’s pull down closet rod with a soft gas pump helps to get your cabinet parts to you fast and promptly, they are just what you need with to order items.

Furthermore, the wardrobe lift features a load capacity of around 10 kg. It fits in many wardrobe compositions and we have three sizes and two finishes for selection. If you want a stronger lift with extra load or other specifications, please do not hesitate to let us know. We provide customized household products according to clients’ need and guarantee the best price, quality and satisfaction to clients.

  • Materials: Aluminium, ABS
  • Finish: Epoxy, Silver Painting
  • Load capacity of 10 kg
  • The width of the wardrobe tube: 450-600 mm/600-830 mm/830-1150 mm
  • Adjustable width of the wardrobe: 510-660 mm/660-890 mm/890-1210 mm
  • Adjustable range of frame width 0-150 mm/0-230 mm/0-320 mm
  • Installed height 845 or 850 mm
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Similar Aluminium Pull Down Closet Rod
ltem No. Materials Finish Packing Size
11.11.940001 Aluminium,ABS Epoxy,Polished 1*6 450-600 mm
11.11.940002 Aluminium,ABS Epoxy,Polished 1*6 600-830 mm
11.11.940003 Aluminium,ABS Epoxy,Polished 1*6 830-1150 mm
11.11.940001 6 860*150*80 2.25 2.45 880*270*330 13.50 15.30
11.11.940002 6 860*150*80 2.30 2.55 880*270*330 13.80 15.90
11.11.940003 6 860*150*80 2.35 2.66 880*270*330 14.10 16.80
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Venace reserves the right to alter specifications of all products without notice.
Please confirm before place order and refer to the final entity.

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