Spiral clothes rack

360° Spiral Wardrobe Clothes Rack

Break away from the ordinary with a spiral clothes rack for your closet!

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Product Description

This ingenious corner closet solution has a 360-degree turning radius with an adjustable height from 1842 mm to 2134 mm. It’s able to hang at least 40 single items of clothing from top to bottom, bearing over 130 lbs weight capacity. Long hanging (coats, dress), medium hanging and short hanging will be nicely organized and hung with the rotating clothes hanger. With it to organize your closet can just make your daily routine simpler and keep your clothes in top shape.

In consideration of the spiral clothes rack’s sturdy materials and user-friendly design, users and all household essentials distributors will lose nothing by having one or more!

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Features of Wardrobe 360° Spiral Clothes Rack:
  • Stainless Steel, ABS, Chrome plating
  • 360° rotary
  • Adjustable height
  • Adjustable range of frame width 0~290mm
  • Ability to hang 40 single items of clothing
  • With a stabilizer bar, post and pivot hardware, mounting hardware
  • Dimension: 500*(1840-2130) mm
11.11.930001 φ500*(1840-2130) 1*1 1pc/carton package, no inner boxes 745*420*345
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