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What The Best Ironing Board Bring To You

A good ironing board makes dealing with a pile of wrinkled clothes, curtains or other fabrics much more easier.

After a round of tests over the past two years, our most popular folding ironing boards came out. We highly recommend the Venace’s Wall-mounted Ironing Board as well as the Built-in Ironing Board.

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Wall Mounted Revolving Folding Ironing Board

Venace’s Ironing Boards feature:

√ Space Saving Design

√ Easy-Installation

√ Heat Resistant

√ Smooth Sliding

√ Strong Folding / Revolving Mechanism

√ High End Outlook

Why you should trust Venace

Venace’s ironing boards and tables are made from Aluminium, Epoxy Coated Steel and Cotton Cloth with heat resistant effect. All of the boards have sound and strong structure. Compared with the rickety boards often sold at big-box stores, ours are not expensive but much more stable and durable! With strong folding and turning mechanism, our boards fold compactly, making it easy to stow in a small apartment or laundry room.

If you are supermarket manager or household products distributor, importing the ironing boards of Venace will surely put you in the lead among the peer!

See more of the ironing boards and ironing tables here. Talk with us and get price of the boards right now.

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