• wardrobe-trouser-rack

        Pants Rack

        The Trousers Rack is designed for use in the wardrobe to keep pants,trousers. Loading Bearing 30kgs

      • wardrobe-trouser-rack

        Wardrobe Basket & Tray

        Wardrobe Bedroom Chrome Wire Basket &Jewelry Tray with Velvet Grid with Aluminum Frame for Wardrobe

      • wardrobe-trouser-rack

        Wardrobe Lift & Rack

        The Pull Down Wardrobe Lift is an innovative and extremely handy design for the wardrobe

      • wardrobe-trouser-rack

        Wardrobe Mirror

        The Pull Out Pivoting Mirror is the perfect Wardrobe Interior Accessory For those who do not want mirrored Sliding Doors

      • wardrobe-trouser-rack

        Wardrobe Shoe Rack

        The shoes rack is to be fitted inside the wardrobe Full extension pull out frame provide easy and effective way of storing shoes

      • wardrobe-trouser-rack

        Ironing Board

        The Folding Ironing Board is a space saving and easy to install Perfect for anywhere in the house

      • Laundry Product

        The laundry hampers are to be fitted inside the wardrobe.Full extension pull out frame provide easy and effective way of storing the dirty clothes

      • Closet Hardware

        The smart closet hardware are used to hanging clothes for wardrobes cabinets or closet

      • Walk in closet

        Walk in closet provides you freedom to organize your spaces It consists of Aluminium Profiles and relating fastening elements

      • Wardrobe Safe

        Wardrobe hidden safe box Capacitive smart touching screen Zinc phosphated and antirust high quality power coated surface

      • Kitchen Basket

        Multi-function kitchen drawer basket for dishes.Chrome-plate with ball bearing slide.

      • Revolving Basket

        Strengthened Revolving Basket Material:Iron Finish:chrome-plate

      • Kitchen Larder Unit

        Multi-tier Kitchen Larder Unit Slide: normal ball bearing slide Material:iron Finish:chrome-plate

      • Magic Corner

        Slide:normal ball bearing slide Material:iron Finish:chrome-plate

      • Kitchen Lift Basket

        Material:iron Finish:chrome-plate Slide:normal ball bearing slide

      • Dish Rack

        Dual-tier Dish Rack with Draining Plate Material:stainless steel 201Type:free standing dish rack Dual-tier with draining plate

      • Drawer Slide

        Drawer Slide

        Good adjustment of gap when installing,quick separation mechanism,vibration prevention ball strip for absorbing impulsive force,and mechanism to prevent drawer from spring out

      • Door Hinge

        Door Hinge

        Make full use of liquid buffer, the buffer effect from an ideal muffler buffer hinge, even if force to close the door,door will be gently closed to ensure that the movement of the perfect and soft


Wardrobe hardware manufacturers have to upgrade

Date:2016-1-6 View:98

Although wardrobe hardware industry belongs to the household supporting industries, it plays an important role in the wardrobe industry . From one side, how the wardrobe hardware industry develope of a country can clearly determine the national economy and people's living standard. With the accelerating economic development, the wardrobe hardware industry also faces "new birth". Facing of traditional production,some of the enterprise can't change from unified production to independent production. The emergence of this phenomenon will drive the wardrobe hardware industry to rebirth. The survival has always been the law of conservation of nature. Traditional hardware production mode is unified production, large scale, large amount of factory, channels, high profit,lack of after-sales service,new style of trouser rack,wire basket and wardrobe accessories. And contemporary hardware production mode is independent production, changes along with the enterprise size and scale, output, channel is limited, the production cost is high, the perfect after-sales service.

It is known that as economy development rapidly, more and more problems will be exposed. Wardrobe hardware has come into positive cycle period, industry is undergoing a new round of reshuffle.

Wardrobe hardware manufacturing industry has had the higher level of manufacturing capacity after a period of accumulation, the wardrobe hardware product is no longer a low-quality and low-cost generation of nouns, the quality of the product has won the international mainstream buyers and market recognition. Products in the market of status is decided by many factors. China hardware companies in the international market division of labor in the wardrobe, still play a role in the low level of production processors.